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Save 50% Wash Wednesdays

Have you ever used the dog wash at a car wash? You know? A pocket full of change, cold water and low pressure, cheapy shampoo, and a dryer that made you think that you could pucker up and blow harder. Not fun!

Come to The Beast Boutique instead for Wash Wednesday and get high quality grooming shampoo and conditioner, warm water, lots of pressure and dryers that will literally blow the hair and water off your beast leaving her squeaky clean and snuggly.

CLASSES START Thursday, March 9, 2023

Your instructor is Dr. Carla Simon, a professional scent detection trainer who’s trained teams to find everything from bed bugs to nosework to search and rescue. 


Basic Obedience – All ages from puppy to newly adopted adult.  Classes start at 7:00 pm

Start building a solid foundation in obedience skills using fun games to teach all the skills you need. No previous experience is required. This class is suitable for beginner dogs of all ages.

  • How to choose equipment (a collar, harness, and leash) that suits your dog
  • We use rewards and positive reinforcement to deal with problem behaviors like jumping up, digging, barking, running away, not coming when called, etc. We will focus on teaching your dog what to do instead of correcting them for being wrong. For example, instead of letting your dog jump up on guests, we’ll prevent that problem by teaching them a polite greeting by staying in the sit or down position instead.
  • How to calm down and relax on a dog bed, even while you walk away
  • Engagement – how to get your dog to pay attention to you.
  • How to reward properly
  • How to fade the food once your dog understands a skill.
  • Impulse control – how to take food rewards nicely without nipping your hands.
  • Collar grab – don’t play keep away when you need to get your dog.
  • Sit, even without a leash.
  • Down
  • Loose leash walking (also known as heeling)
  • Recall – come immediately when called, with gradually increasing distractions.

A well-trained dog is the best freedom for all the years you’ll spend together. Investing some time training now can help to prevent years of frustration in the future. It’s harder to retrain after problem behaviors become habits. We’ll help set you up for success from the very first lesson.


If your dog already has a preliminary understanding of the obedience skills above, take a higher level of obedience class, e.g., Canine Good Neighbour Prep.

If you are looking for socialization, this is the wrong class for your puppy! This Basic Obedience class does not provide socialization or playtime with other dogs. Instead, we’ll teach your dog to ignore other distracting dogs and listen to you.

Not all dogs want to take group classes! Dogs in classes need to be comfortable in a busy, public setting which may include children and other barking dogs, so that they can learn. Ask us if your dog has a history of being reactive to other dogs or people so we can discuss how best to help you and your unique dog.

Dogs who display aggression towards people and other dogs generally learn better with one-on-one training. We have zero tolerance for aggressive behavior towards dogs and people in the class, which may result in immediate excusal, without a refund, entirely at the instructor’s discretion.


  • Class must be prepaid and is non-refundable.
  • Students are invited to our private Facebook Student and Alumni discussion group (optional).
  • Ask your questions in the discussion group or in class, where everyone can benefit. Sorry, we can’t respond to private training questions by email.
  • You don’t need to do any homework. You’ll get all the essential information in class, but if you practice homework between classes, you’ll progress faster and get more out of your experience.
  • Class runs, rain or shine.
  • Please arrive early and come prepared for the weather to encourage your dog to go potty outside and prevent indoor accidents (a bad habit you don’t want to practice).
  • All dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times.
  • Females in season are welcome at class, but they must wear panties while indoors.
  • We need your help to ensure that all dogs and families stay safe and have fun in class! Never allow your dog to approach any other dog. There should never be any dog-to-dog interaction. If your dog is close enough to sniff or greet another dog, they’re too close.

Let’s play safe and have some fun.


Do you want a well-mannered dog that’s a pleasure to travel with? Are you interested in PALS or assistance dogs? This course will improve your obedience skills and help you eventually take the CGN test (a standard prerequisite for more advanced training like therapy dogs). We’ll show you how to fade food rewards, leashes, and harnesses, without sacrificing motivation. You’ll get answers to your questions and troubleshoot challenges. You’ll build confidence around distractions and become a stronger team.  

This is a hybrid class where students will receive access to online resources and discussion in our private Facebook Group for Students and Alumni.

Please note that how quickly you advance depends on your dog’s history, socialization, and temperament and how much homework you do. If you train for 2 to 5 minutes daily, you’ll progress faster than with weekly training.

This class does not include the CGN test. The test will be held at The Beast Boutique Ltd. in April 2023 (exact date pending.)    

Prerequisite: This class assumes your dog already has a preliminary understanding of basic obedience skills, including sit, down, recall, and loose-leash walking. Most students take puppy class or beginner obedience first, but if you’re an experienced trainer who has trained obedience at home, you’re certainly welcome. No matter which level you start class at, we’ll help you to improve and polish your skills in the presence of gradually increasing distractions.

All dogs will be in the classroom simultaneously, but they will wait on a bed or mat without greeting the other dogs. If you’re looking for puppy socialization with other dogs, this is not the class for you.


For classes, bring the equipment that helps your dog to succeed e.g.

  • Bring a bed, matt, or table for your dog to rest on and relax between exercises.
  • Train your dog at classes using a head halter, harness, buckle collar, or martingale.
  • We do NOT allow pinch, choke, or electronic collars.
  • 4–6-foot leash
  • Lots of high-value food rewards
  • Poop bags
  • Optional: water, bait bag, clicker

Please note there is no food allowed during CGN tests, but we’ll be using food rewards to train new skills. You’ll learn how to fade the food gradually when the dog is ready.

To take the CGN test, you must bring a brush or comb. Bring a brush that your dog likes to class for training.


  • Dates: Classes start March 9 and go for six weeks.
  • Registrants will receive a welcome handout covering what to expect at your first class, class rules, etc.
  • All handlers and participants must sign a waiver to participate (including all spectators and family members).
  • Alumni will be invited to Hunter’s Heart’s private online Facebook Group for Students and Alumni, where you can get answers to your questions, troubleshoot, make requests, share brags, and discuss training with like-minded dog owners and trainers.
  • All classes are non-refundable, and there are no makeups. Classes will run, rain or shine, so please come dressed for the weather.
  • Dog-dog interactions and greetings are never allowed at classes or events (except when specifically asked during puppy classes). Never allow your dog to chase any dog, person, or car. Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. This habit helps set dogs up for success by routinely ignoring distractions.
  • Not all dogs are suitable for group classes, which may have children participating. We have zero tolerance for aggressive behavior, which may be immediately excused from the facility without a refund, entirely at the instructor’s discretion. Let’s stay safe and have some fun!
  • Female dogs in season are welcome, provided that they wear panties while inside the facility.
  • For scent detection classes, dogs will be expected to wait for their turn in your car. This is consistent with expectations at most dog sports tests and deployments. Students should provide appropriate shade, water, air conditioning, and open windows for crated dogs in hot weather and heat and bedding during cold weather.

Sorry, classes do not include tests, e.g., CGN tests or odor recognition tests.


Questions about registration? Please get in touch with

Questions about whether this class is suitable for your dog or special requests? Email Carla at or leave a confidential voicemail at (403) 813-9831.