What does grooming include?

Grooming includes a bath with premium shampoo and conditioners, blow dry, ear and eye cleaning and nail trims.  Depending on the length and condition of the coat and the pet parents’ preferences clipper and/or scissor may be used to style the dog.  Upon request, anal glands can be expressed. 

What does grooming cost?

The cost of grooming varies quite a bit depending on the size and temperament of the dog, the condition and length of the coat, and the type of cut the pet parents prefer.  At The Beast Boutique grooming starts at $60.00 (for a Beagle sized dog’s bath and tidy) and can go as high as $350.00 (for a severely matted 150-pound long-haired dog). 

Can dog grooming cause harm?

Grooming can cause harm to dogs that are already skittish, unsure or have health concerns.  Whenever possible grooming should start in infancy.  The younger the dog starts grooming the easier it can be to condition him to cooperate in the process.  Older dogs can be taught to cooperate in grooming to.  This is called Cooperative Care training and it may take longer to condition the animal to accept grooming, vet care or handling in general, but it is extremely beneficial to the dog and to the handler in the long run.  

If a groomer is too rough with an animal or the animal experiences fear while grooming it can cause harm.  That is why at The Beast Boutique we always go at the dog’s pace, give breaks when necessary and do not use any aversive tactics to controls the dog.  We will use muzzles, under direct supervision, if the dog is exhibiting biting, snapping, or growling behaviours.  Safety of our groomers is our priority. If the dog exhibits extreme stress with any of the processes, we will stop the groom and have the owners come back for the dog.  

There is also the risk of minor cuts and scratches to the skin if coat is pelted and a close shave is necessary.  Overgrown nails can cause the quick to be nicked during trimming.  These types of injuries are not usually serious, and first aid is applied if necessary.  The owner is informed of the injury upon arrival.

Recently adopted older adult dogs should not be groomed until they have had a chance to adjust to their new homes.  The recommended adjustment period is 12 weeks.  This will allow the dog to decompress and be more likely to cooperate with grooming without the stress of another new thing. 

Does dog grooming help with shedding?

Professional grooming is extremely helpful for shedding.  The combination of the quality shampoo, thorough scrubbing and the application of conditioner releases all the old hair from the dog.  Then high velocity dryers are used to dry the coat and blow any remaining loose hair off.  Finally, brushing removes the last of the hair and mats leaving a fresh, mat-free coat and less hair in your house, car, or on your clothes. 

Why is dog grooming important?

Grooming is vital to the dog’s overall health and well-being especially long-haired dogs.  For the long-haired dogs grooming removes mat and debris that can irritate skin.  Irritated skin can cause the dog to bite and scratch which can lead to sores and infection.  Overgrown nails can cause poor posture and when severely neglected can curl and grow into the pad making walking extremely painful.  Grooming is important for short-hair dogs too as a dirty, stinky dog can be unpleasant to be around.  Grooming makes them more appealing for snuggles (which they crave!)

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