Big Dog Little Dog

Big Dog Little Dog

People always ask if The Beast Boutique separates big dogs and little dogs for play.  I always say no for a couple of reasons.  First off size and energy level don’t always go hand in hand.  For example I take care of a feeble 13-year old Labradoodle that weighs about 80 pounds.  Based on his weight he should be with the large, and presumably more energetic dogs.  Whereas I have owned a 20-pound pug that policed and protected the entire pack when we were on off-leash adventures.  He had no idea he was a small dog would be bored to tears with “little” dogs who, people presume, are less active. 

Another reason is that there are magnificent friendships that form between dogs that defy size and human expectations.  Take for instance Baker and Bear.  Bear is a 5-month-old mini-poodle (she weighs about 5 pounds) and Baker is a 70-pound Labrador.  Bear has been coming to daycare since she was 10-weeks old.  Since that time Baker has played with her, protected her and cared for her in the most gentle ways.  He always lays down on his back or his side to play with her.  He moves in ridiculously slow motion.  He allows her to jump on him, hang off his jowls and bite his ears.  When we go to the off-leash park for field trips Baker is always watching Bear and will run interference if any strange dog gets close to her. 

Baker and Bear are always closely supervised, as with all the dogs in my care, because even if they love each other, big dogs, due their size can accidently hurt the little ones. 

Supervision is the key to a happy dog daycare experience.  Dogs, like people, should be free to choose their friends.    

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