Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs


Always supervise kids and dogs.  Even the beloved family pet can accidently harm a child.


Never assume that a dog is friendly or enjoys children.  Children move, smell, and behave differently than adults so the dog may not recognize a child as a human and may not treat him/her with the same respect.


Children should keep hands down, eyes averted, and mouth closed when encountering a strange dog.  Dogs may respond inappropriately to a shrieking, wiggly or fast-moving child.  If a dog wants what the child has, such as a toy, the child should let the dog have it and then ask an adult to get it back.  This will prevent accidental biting or other injury. 


Ask for permission from an adult first and then wait for the dog to approach the child NOT the other way around.  The dog may not want to be touched at that time. 


Should never be tolerated. Teach children to never hit, punch or kick a dog.  Not only is cruel but can incite the dog to retaliate.

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