March is Pet Poison Awareness Month

March is Pet Poison Awareness Month

The most common way for a dog to become poisoned is to ingest human medications, food or by sampling a household plant.

If you know that the dog has ingested one of these items and it has been less than one hour you can induce vomiting. (DO NOT induce vomiting if the dog has ingested something acidic or caustic such as household cleaners or batteries, etc.) or is showing signs of poisoning.

To induce vomiting give your dog 3% hydrogen peroxide by mouth. The does is 0.5 – 1.0 mL per pound weight. Only give the dog ONE dose and then seek veterinarian advise as soon as possible.

If you have read my blogs you know that I have…/the-pink-nose-garbage…/ His credo is: “If it fits in my mouth, it goes down the hatch” so I am always prepared.

Keep hydrogen peroxide at home and in the car. It is cheap and well worth the peace of mind.
Tape or elastic band a syringe to the hydrogen peroxide bottle so you will know where it is if the time comes. You can pick up syringe at any pharmacy (no cost).
Mark the syringe with the dose for your dog’s weight.
Enter your vet’s phone number into your contacts so it is handy in an emergency and call ASAP.
Don’t panic.

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