The Pink-nose Garbage Hound AKA Baker the Yellow Labrador

The Pink-nose Garbage Hound AKA Baker the Yellow Labrador

Baker has a credo he lives by and, will, eventually die by – “if it fits in my mouth, it goes down the hatch.”  This animal will eat anything – poop, sticks, and rocks, broken tennis balls, household garbage, grocery bags, leashes, hair ties, pin cushion, screws and construction debris including fibreglass insulation.  I have been lucky, and he hasn’t suffered any serious injuries – just a sore tummy and the discomfort of induced vomiting.  Baker, like a lot of dogs, must be watched constantly when we are out and at home, we had to “toddler-proof” and put all small items on high shelves and block off areas with baby gates.

In most cases small items pass through his digestive system and are found in a day or so.  Whether I want to keep them afterward is anyone’s guess.

Depending on what your dog has swallowed more intense action must be taken.  If the dog has swallowed: acidic or caustic substances such as laundry pod or household cleaners, batteries, any petroleum products, or antifreeze he MUST be taken to the vet immediately.  DO NOT induce vomiting. 

If your dog has ingested something that is not acid, alkali, or petroleum-based but is bad for him such as chocolate, grapes, or non-prescription drugs you can induce vomiting.


  • It has been less than one hour since ingestion.
  • Your dog is not showing signs of poisoning.
  • Your dog is otherwise healthy and not at risk for inhaling vomit.

Use on 3% hydrogen peroxide.  0.5 – 1.0 mL per pound of body weight and ONLY dose once. 

(Heather Davis and Canine Health Canada Inc., 2022)

As always, if you are unsure err on the side of caution and have your dog seen by vet as soon as possible and sign up for a pet first aid so can be confident in these situations. 

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