Training Classes

Training Classes

Your instructor for all classes is Dr. Carla Simon, Hunter’s Heart Scent Detection. All classes take place at The Beast Boutique Ltd., 4 – 6115 4 St SE (near Blackfoot Trail and 58 Av)

Basic Obedience

Start building a solid foundation in obedience skills using fun games to teach all the skills you need. No previous experience is required. This class is suitable for beginner dogs of all ages.  Learn how to choose equipment, use positive reinforcement to deal with problem behaviours, calm down, collar grabs and impulse control, sit, down and stay. 

A well-trained dog is the best freedom for all the years you’ll spend together. Investing some time training now can help to prevent years of frustration in the future. It’s harder to retrain after problem behaviors become habits. We’ll help set you up for success from the very first lesson.

Classes start on Thursday, March 16 at 7:00 pm

Call 403 452 – 5232 to register or book online at (join the pack). 

Investment: $250.00 + GST

Canine Good Neighbour Test Preparation

Do you want a well-mannered dog that’s a pleasure to travel with? Are you interested in PALS or assistance dogs? This course will improve your obedience skills and help you eventually take the CGN test (a standard prerequisite for more advanced training like therapy dogs). We’ll show you how to fade food rewards, leashes, and harnesses, without sacrificing motivation. You’ll get answers to your questions and troubleshoot challenges. You’ll build confidence around distractions and become a stronger team.  

Classes start Thursday, March 16 at 6:00 pm

Call 403 452 – 5232 to register or book online at (join the pack). 

Investment: $250.00 + GST

Service Dog Foundations

Improve your service dog candidate’s obedience skills, with an emphasis on settling down and relaxing at your feet to prepare for public access and introducing mitigating tasks. This class assumes your dog already understands basic obedience skills like sit, down, recall and loose leash walking. Note: If you mainly want to work on loose leash walking, Canine Neighbour Classes are a better choice. Students may use training aids like harnesses, and head halters. Equipment: please bring high value rewards, and a comfortable dog bed or low platform (like a bath matt or Klimb table) for your dog to go to and relax.

Classes start on Thursday, March 16 at 8:00 pm

Call 403 452 – 5232 to register or book online at (join the pack). 

Investment: $250.00 + GST

Scent Detection 6 Class Series

Scent Detection Trial Class

We’ll teach your dog to find a scent. You’ll have fun from the very first session, and no previous experience is required. Our motivational method works for dogs of any age or breed as long as they enjoy a tasty food reward or a favorite toy.

Learn to apply the secrets that have already worked for thousands of students worldwide. This is a hybrid class where students will receive access to online resources and discussion in addition to hands-on training in class. The choice of which scent to train is up to you. Choose either: 1. Find a handler-scented glove (which will prepare your dog to find missing items, compete in NASDA Lost Article events, or build the foundation for working detection dogs and service dogs), or 2. Essential oils for nosework competition, using a cocktail of Birch + Anise + Clove + Wintergreen + Pine + Cypress. This will build a strong foundation for CKC, CWAGS, SDDA, AKC, and UKC Scent Detection competitions.

Dog-reactive dogs are generally welcome, since there is never any interaction between dogs. All dogs must be comfortable enough with a group of students, which may include some children. There will only be one dog in the training room at a time, plus the waiting handlers. This is consistent with expectations at most dog sports tests and deployments. All other dogs are expected to wait between searches in your vehicle, or if they are quiet, you can bring your crate into the lobby for them to rest inside between turns.

Please keep dogs on leash, under control, and at least 6 feet apart at all times. Do not allow your dog to sniff or greet other dogs, even if they appear to be friendly. Let’s play safe and have some fun!

Call for information on start dates 403 452 – 5232

6 class series $250.00 + GST

Try a class $50.00 + GST


  • You can bring your dog to class in a head halter or no pull harness, but all dogs must search on a buckle collar, martingale, or tracking harness
  • 10-foot longline – Ask us to try one of ours at the first class or come early and view our selection in the lobby. 
  • Lots of high-value food rewards and 3 identical high-value toys, e.g., 3 tennis balls
  • A glove or handler-scented article
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